How we started

How we started

We are a small batch brand based in Launceston Tasmania. We don't outsource any of our products and make everything from raw materials right here in Tassie. 

My business started in 2020 (as quite a few businesses did!) Originally I was still working during the pandemic as an essential worker so it was just a case of a creative outlet and wanting a luxury product for myself. The first product I made was natural soap. It was a very ugly little crumbly soap loaf that I made in the kitchen, but I was so proud.

From then on I researched everything there is to know about soap making, from Australian makers and American soap queens such as Ashley Marie.

There was something that didn't sit right with me as I realised not all soap is the same. The soaps in the supermarket didn't expire, they were packed with strange chemicals and full of palm. It was then I realised all of the dry skin issues may have been caused by something I've been using for years! Store brought soap.

I then formulated a soap bar that is full of just nourishing oils such as olive oil, something the Greeks and Italians have been doing for centuries. It is then made in a traditional method called cold processing. I also wanted it to be completely natural, scenting only with essential oils and colouring with Australian clays. 

Now four years on we make soap in 5.5kg batches with the same formula, we sell to a range of retail stores, we have expanded our product range, employ local women and continue to grow. It is a exciting time for Australian made, and I can't wait to see what the future brings.
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