Essentially essential, natural candles.

Our newest range of soy wax candles are inspired by our most popular soap blends. From elegant rose to deep and earthy blue gum.

Pure oat milk soap bar - Bee native products

What ingredients make our soap natural?

Our natural soaps are traditionally made with plant based oils such as Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and scented naturally with essential oils.
The difference is there are no artificial ingredients, palm oil, detergents or sulfates.

Natural soaps made for sensitive skin.

Creating soaps for us means more then making a simple product for everyday use, but a product that
can change a persons life.
Suffering from sensitive or easily irritated skin should not control your life and a great step can
be switching to a natural soap bar that actually soothes and helps keep your skins natural barrier from the elements.

The natural soap difference.

Our soaps are not only good for you, but good for the environment too. We only use ingredients that are sustainable, palm free, and all-natural.

Plastic free sustainable living products soaps

Tasmanian made diffrence.

Being in a natural state in Australia we care strongly for our local environment.
So we continue to strive to be a 100% zero waste brand and package only with card, glass and aluminium.
It's important that we leave no trace behind for not only for our environment, but for the future.

Soap for eczema and sensitive skin.

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Vision and mission.

Being a small batch maker I want to make change in the way people shop for gifts and everyday items. I believe that shopping small is the key to a more sustainable manufacturing in Australia. It is my mission to keep my brand 100% waste free and support only Australian suppliers, so we can grow together.