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Bee native is a small batch brand based in Launceston, Tasmania.

My name is Caylee and I am the maker and the shaker of all bee native products, I am very passionate about making all-natural products and researching new ways to create new superior skin products, that are not only good for your skin but for the planet too.

Soap making for me is very relaxing, I absolutely love coming up with new blends and talking to people about their favourite scents.  My brand is small, but we are already conquering Tasmanian retail stores and inspiring others to convert to all-natural.

So a massive thank you for viewing my page and helping me create something special. 

About us bee native products

Room Sprays Fragrance - Room Spray | Bee Native

Stunning scents your customers will love!

Our scent range is created with our own essential oil blends. We have tried and tested every product so you don't have to.

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