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Myrtle forest soy candle

Myrtle forest soy candle

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Living in the stunning state of Tasmania we are always inspired by its rugged natural beauty.
We enjoy its fresh cool air and the sounds of wildlife at our doorstep.
Myrtle forest is a clean fresh scent reminiscent of the forests of Tasmania with a blend of
Honey, green leaf, Boronia, and lemon myrtle.

We hand pour all of our candles and use a high percentage of quality natural fragrance oils,
keeping a long-lasting scent that can be enjoyed for months.

Presented in a strong amber glass jar that can be reused when the wax has melted away.
Our jars are 220mls making them a good medium-sized candle that lasts around 40+ hours.

Hand poured in Tasmania.
Supporting small business Tasmania.

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